Domain Transfer - Major Issues with Two Cloudflare Accounts

I’ve been going back and forth with the Cloudflare support team for nearly a month now, and I don’t know where else to turn but here. The situation is that I have two separate cloudflare accounts, A and B as I’ll call them. My domain name servers were pointed to Cloudflare account A when I transfered my domain into Cloudflare account B.

Cloudflare does not allow you to change your nameservers once you transfer it into their system, so I am now unable to adjust the domain to point to the correct Cloudflare account, account B. When I log in to account B, I am unable to access anything about my domain, no transfers, no info, just a loading page that never loads and shows multiple errors when running Chrome Dev Tools. I’m scared to delete the site from account A, becuase then I fear I won’t be able to access the site at all and it will crash.

Please help!!! I’m not sure what to do, the Cloudflare support team has been completely unable to understand the problem and has only told me to remove my domain from Cloudflare, which I am obviously unable to do given the technical bug that exists.

The site is a normal .com TLD

Hi @ari.markowitz1,

I have not heard of a successful case of moving a domain using Cloudflare Registrar between accounts. I’m afraid there is not a lot the community can do to help here, I hope support can figure it out. Generally you can only transfer the domain to an account the nameservers are pointing to.

Can you post the ticket number here so one of the mods can have a look?

Sure, the ticket is [Cloudflare Support] 1760975


I see the ticket and the escalation, you’ll need to follow on the input sent yesterday.

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