Domain Transfer Issue

I transferred my domain to cloudflare when it had 5 days to renew. I renewed last day on my old registerer and transferred same day. But it didn’t renew from cloudflare. It had only 1 year from old registerer. Did you only transfer without renew?

Cloudflare (and most other registrars) add one year onto whatever expiration date your domain had before the transfer.

Strictly speaking it got the year from Cloudflare, not the old registrar. Contact them for a refund.

Why? Transfers always add a year, unless you would exceed 10. There is no way to transfer a domain without adding a year.

(This applies to gTLDs, not all ccTLDs).

Source: I’ve read the registrar agreements and am an active reseller elsewhere.

Response of registrar:
Yenileme sonrası bitiş tarihi ise 2020-12-25 oldu.
Transfer ettiğiniz firma ile neden transferi sonrası 1 sene eklenmediği konusunda görüşebilirsiniz.

"End date of your domain is 2020-12-25 after our renew. You should speak with which you transferred company, for why them didn’t add 1 year after transfer. "

Amazing transfer tragedy. :slight_smile:

Hi @user165,

I wonder if it could be something to do with:

registrars should note (and advise their customers) that in most cases where a name is transferred within 45 days after its expiration/renewal date, the successfully transferred registration will only be extended by one year, not two years as might be expected. In such cases, the transfer during the Auto-Renew Grace Period simultaneously triggers a removal of the auto-renewed year and a credit to the losing registrar, and a charge to the gaining registrar for the year added to the registration term as a result of the transfer.


Although you did say


I forwarded that rule to old registered. I’ll inform here after response.