Domain transfer issue, what's CF DNS records?

Hi folks
I’ve been a GoDaddy customer since forever, probably over a decade now, I am fed-up of their pricing as it’s been ramping up over the years and near impossible to use coupons to make it bearable. CF was a great option and I signed up as an early access member, so here’s my first attempt to move over 2x .net domains from GD to CF.

I read through the guide. Seems simple enough, check for domain locks (unlocked it @ GD), remove any whois protection (didn’t have any), get auth code (done, email arrived within 30s).

I go to my CF Dash and I don’t see a “Domain Registration” button next to Configurations button per the screenshot in the guide.

I clicked “Add site”, entered my domain name and that’s for their regular product, not domain registration. On a side note, I now have a half-done product application on one domain…I stopped at the screen where you pick a plan

On the flip side, my domain now shows up in the “Unable to transfer” list!

A bit of Google-fu and it seems the reason it’s saying “Not an active zone” is that I haven’t pointed the DNS at GD to CF DNS. I don’t see that step mentioned anywhere! So I Google some more, I can’t seem to find the actual DNS settings to use at GD so it points to CF DNS!

Awaiting further instructions…

CF registrar has a prerequisite of being part of the main Cloudflare product.

Here’s how to change the nameservers:

Thanks, so I need to proceed with the Add Site option first then I do the Domain Registration? CF don’t list the Nameservers anywhere…I know how to change them to point to CF if I had them!

They should show up on the CF dashboard when you click your domain, eg

If you’re getting stuck somewhere, send a screenshot of the issue here.


I’ve not gone past the “Select a plan” screen for my domain because I really only want CF to handle the domain from a registrar perspective. Is there no way to separate out the two services?

Hi @mz000,

Currently, the Cloudflare registrar service is only available to those who use Cloudflare’s DNS service. You cannot use nameservers away from Cloudflare with Registrar.

You can use the DNS service without adding any performance/security features from Cloudflare.