Domain Transfer Issue - No Name Servers Active

I read in a different article that in order to transfer a domain to Cloudflare that the name servers first need to be set with CF’s name servers. Is there any other way around this? I am working with a company who doesn’t offer us access to the DNS, but has unlocked the domain and provided the transfer code.

Hi @LocalSBM, sorry there is no way around this. In order to transfer a domain to Cloudflare, you must first add the site to cloudflare and then set the name servers to Cloudflare’s name servers. Once active, you can transfer the domain registration.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this requirement. Please try contacting the current company managing the domain and request for the name server change.

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Doesn’t sound like this customer is a good fit for Cloudflare registrar. Saving $2 a year on a domain is probably not in and of itself a good reason to switch to Cloudflare’s registrar services.

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