Domain transfer into Cloudflare - TAG changed before nameservers

Accidentally changed the TAG on previous domain host moving to CLOUDFLARE before changing nameservers. The previous host says they now cannot change nameservers because we have initiated transfer. What do we do now? Cloudflare is waiting for nameserver changes which we now cannot do

I tried raising a ticket which got automatically closed because this is a free plan

This has come up in the past, a quick :search: indicates you’ll probably need to get the Registrar team to assist.

But before that, you should see if your former registrar can revert the tag change.

If not, can you open a registrar ticket here, share the name of the domain there and let me know the ticket number?

Thanks for your response @cloonan

The former registrar is stating that “You will have to wait until the transfer is completed and then you will be able to change the nameservers” and offering no further assistance.

I already started a ticket #3037037 earlier which was auto-closed which i trust will have all the information you requested above.

Many Thanks

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Thank you, I reopened your ticket and flagged it for the Registrar Support team. We have seen similar instances in the past, but from those I am not certain if we were able to assist or if the other registrar assisted. Similar cases here,

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As the nameservers were not changed, Cloudflare rejected the transfer back to the original provider.
This had the desired effect of returning the domain back under our control, allowing the nameservers to be edited and the transfer request to be made again.


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