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Hey, I have a domain with OnlyDomains. I’m familiar how to Transfer Process works, but where do I get my Auth Codes and stuff to import it into Cloudflare? I’m not to familiar with the Cloudflare Domain Feature though. :confused:

Also, I currently have Domain Privacy… Will that transfer over too?


Authorisation codes, you need to obtain from your current registrar.

But is your domain eligible for a transfer in the first place? What’s the domain?

And yes, Cloudflare does have Whois redaction as well.

What do you mean? It should be!

I’m aware of the Domain Privacy on Cloudflare, but will the protection transfer from the Registrar to Cloudflare? I was just looking at the Cloudflare Transfer and it said something about $15. I don’t have to pay to transfer my domain, right? That’s be ruined…

All right, the domain appears to be on Cloudflare already, seems to be unlocked, and its TLD is supported by Cloudflare. So technically you should be good to go.

I am not familiar with that TLD but typically a transfer always comes with a renewal, so you’ll have to pay for that.

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Yeah, on Cloudflare’s end… That’s not very cool Guys…

||Domain name|Current expiration|New expiration|Wholesale cost|
||[REMOVED]|Sep 9, 2022|Sep 9, 2023|$15.00|

ICANN Fee: $0.18



That’s a standard renewal. There might be also a sales tax based on your location.

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Smh, Registrars like,, all support (or have in my experience) free domain transfers. Running into a transfer wall is pretty irritating, never had this issue before. 1/10 bad feature in my opinion.

Thank you for your help tonight, @sandro.

No worries :slight_smile:

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