Domain transfer in last days


I have initiated a domain transfer from my Cloudflare account. The domain is at Network Solutions right now. I have received an email from Network Solutions that they will approve domain transfer in five days. I have contacted Network Solutions support to approve my domain transfer manually but they say we have not this option and I will have to wait for five days. But my problem is that my domain will expire on April 24. Please guide what should I do now to avoid my domain from expiring?

Thank you!

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You’d have to take that up with Network Solutions, since that’s the holdup. They may advise you to renew your domain just to be on the safe side. :roll_eyes:

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I haven’t transferred a domain out of Network Solutions for years, but you might want to check the email you received from them with a cancellation link, click it and see if that page has a “Approve transfer immediately” option. Some registrars hide the approval here.

I’m not certain if a registrar is required to offer a way to approve the transfer, although my vague recollection is that with the original .com/.net/.org domains they do. I haven’t read the agreements for other TLDs and it has been long enough that even if my memory is correct the rules may have changed.


Yes, the transfer approval was hidden under the cancellation link. I have just approved the transfer from there. I hope my domain will be transferred soon. Today was the last day before expiry. I really appreciate your help - thank you very much!


Glad to hear it! Assuming Network Solutions actually pushes the approval through, it will be done instantly at the registry. Cloudflare may not notice immediately, but it should have picked up in the ~15 hours it has been since your last post so Cloudflare should have confirmed the transfer by now.

WHOIS can lag behind and does not affect reality in real-time.

Hopefully all is well by now?


No email received yet regarding my domain transfer. My Cloudflare account still showing as Transfer in progress. I’m really worried now as the expiration date has just arrived. I will keep you updated - thank you very much!


Hi thedaveCA,

Ultimately my domain has been transferred successfully. I have received confirmation email for successful domain transfer from both registrars and the whois data has been updated as well.

Thank you very much for all your help!