Domain Transfer in cloudflare

Hii Team

I want to transfer my domain in Cloudflare so can I create custom nameserver? means dns setting is same in Cloudflare like godaddy & namecheap?

DNS here is like DNS anywhere. But with the added feature that you can set a record to :orange: Proxied and it will route HTTP/S traffic through Cloudflare for added speed and security.

It would be whatever name servers Cloudflare assigns to you.

I want custom nameserver for my vps

You can set custom name server names on a Business or Enterprise plan, but they’ll still be Cloudflare DNS.

can I not set in free pkg… because I transfer my domain in cloudflare

I transfer my domain godaddy to cloudflare so I not set custom nameserver

means I not setup hostname in cloudflare free pkg?
If I transfer my domain godaddy to cloudflare



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