Domain Transfer Help and Advice

Hi, my friend has the domain (not with Cloudflare) and he wants me to take over that domain. I already have a few of my own domains with Cloudflare.

I tried to read and follow all instructions and he is convinced that he has done all the necessary steps to enable the transfer but I can’t find the domain anywhere in my dashboard.

What other steps can we do to make this transfer? I am out of ideas.

Before you can transfer anything, you need to add the domain to your account. Follow the regular setup steps for that.

Once it is active in your account you will be able to transfer it.

Just did that. It appears in the list of my sites but when I go to Transfer Domains it does not show it.

You might have added it, but it won’t be active. You need to follow the entire setup.

So I have to tell my friend to add Cloudflare nameservers as it says in the setup?

Correct. As long as it is not fully active, none of the options on Cloudflare will work.

Good advice. I’ll get back if I get more problems