Domain transfer from NameCheap to Cloudflare and e-mail routing

Hello, I am new here.

I have the following questions:

Is importing a domain to Cloudflare a free service?
Where can I find a step by step guide to transfer my domains from NameCheap to Cloudflare?

Regarding email routing, does it allow to use custom domains as emails added to Gmail to receive and send emails from a free Gmail account?

Thank you.

Using the cloudflare free plan to make your site faster & more secure is how many people become familiar with Cloudflare. To use Cloudflare Registrar (our at-cost registrar service), your domain must first be using cloudflare. To transfer a domain from NameCheap to Cloudflare Registrar, follow this guide:

Regarding email routing, you can set it up to route emails to [email protected] to your gmail account. [Promotional Message for Catch-all addresses; I really like the Catch-all address feature of email routing, in particular for testing sites where I need to use a bunch of email accounts really quickly. Makes testing a breeze /Promotional Message]


I have recently gone thrrough thia process to transfer from NameCheap to Clouldflare, and i must say it was very easy to achieve.

The only issue i now have, is that the “catchall” with Clouldflare rejects some emails due to DMARC failure which NameCheap didnt seem to enforce.

Error message is “does not pass DMARC verification and has a DMARC policy of reject.”

Any way around this? I.E. Getting Cloudflare to ignore DMARC for emails being forwarded to an Outlook account using the email routing on catchall?

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