Domain Transfer from NameCheap Problem

Unable to Transfer Domain from NameCheap to Cloudflare. The transfer process/customer experience has been terrible.

I disabled the ‘Domain Lock’ and then initiated the transfer two weeks ago; however, Cloudflare is unable to process the transfer. I received an email from Cloudflare stating: “Cloudflare Registrar was not completed due to a registrar lock still active at your current registrar.” However, NameCheap site shows as the ‘Domain Lock’ as disabled. Also, ICANN lookup shows Domain Status as: Domain Status: pendingTransfer.

I contacted NameCheap Support and here’s what they told me:

  • From NameCheap System domain transfer has already been initiated (thus the reason for pendingTransfer status)
  • There’s nothing NameCheap can do at this point. Cloudflare needs to process the transfer.

On the Cloudflare side, under my Account, the current status shows to be stuck at “Approve Transfer at NameCheap”.

Please provide an expedited resolution to this matter. Thanks.

If the status is pending the domain should be already being transferred. Did you check on Namecheap’s side if you can approve the transfer as that would transfer it straight away without you having to wait for five days?

Otherwise you could only open a support ticket with Cloudflare and have support check it out.


In case you need, as I use NameCheap and everytime I got someone from NameCheap at Live Chat. You can always provide the needed information regarding your domain, so they could even check in which status is your domain currently and what was done or what is needed to be done next.

The Cloudflare status is a bit strange, but if five days have not passed yet that would be a standard transfer and you either wait or try to expedite it on Namecheap’s side. There’s not much Cloudflare can do, except for that status bit, which you might want to clarify with support.

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Status is in pending state for over a week; however, the domain’s registrar still shows up as NameCheap. Same is true under the Cloudflare Domain status. The WHOIS also shows pending status and under NameCheap as the registrar. I contacted NameCheap support and they said that they’ve done everything from their side. Now Cloudflare needs to handle this.

Thank you. I did open up CF support ticket.

Thank you. I did contact NameCheap and they told me that they have released the domain and have everything on their end. Cloudflare needs to do the rest.

I’ve chatted w/ NameCheap and have verified that they’ve done their part. It is now on Cloudflare side. I’ve also opened up a support ticket w/ CF.

If it is pending the transfer should have already started and completed by now if it has been more than a week. I am surprised it’s still with Namecheap, but at this point it’s really best to contact Cloudflare and clarify what issue they believe there is.

Considering you already opened a ticket you can only wait for their response. Just make sure you reply to any automated responses, as they otherwise might close the ticket.

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