Domain transfer from GoDaddy stalled

Hi all,

I’ve been using CF for quite a few years but this is the first time I’ve ever needed support so I hope one of you gurus will be able to help me out!

I’m trying to transfer a domain ( from GoDaddy to CF. The CF end shows auth code accepted and waiting on Authorization from GoDaddy to complete. The GoDaddy interface does not show transfer pending (just Active) and when I talk to them they say the domain is unlocked and ready for transfer but CF haven’t initiated it - I need to talk to CF.

I’ve cancelled and re-started the transfer 3 times now. The first time GD conceded it was
a fault at their end and that they have rectified it. I’ve monitored for updates at both ends and cannot find any reason why the transfer is not happening.

In the meantime I transferred a .com over in about 2 hrs, no problem.

I am mystified. Can anyone offer any suggestion as to how I might trouble-shoot the issue or pinpoint where the block is? I suspect it’s still at the GD end but I can’t be sure and I don’t know how to prove it - it’s a mysterious process!


It would appear as if your domain had expired and was renewed by the current registrar but that will also imply that you won’t be able to transfer it for now but will have to renew it with your current registrar. Only sixty days later (assuming the .live registry has similar rules as ICANN) you’ll be able to transfer it.

Generally speaking, one should transfer a domain well before it is about to expire.

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Hi @sandro thanks for looking at this.

I initiated the first transfer when I got the renewal notice from GD for $150+ (!?!) and before the domain expired. However that was blocked by a technical error at the GD end. GD confirmed the issue was then fixed and I’ve since tried twice more.

I asked GD about whether the expiry would affect transfer out and they said no, that used to be the case but the rules changed a while ago.

I can pick up the argument with them about why the transfer isn’t happening but at the moment I can’t prove that CF has done its part in making the request. GD say CF hasn’t.

Any ideas how I can identify whether it’s CF or GD at fault?

I am afraid it really depends on the context on who is at fault. If your domain was eligible for a transfer and they denied it I’d tend to say your current registrar is at fault, but as I said that really depends on the context.

I’d contact them again, but at this point you can probably really only renew with them and then transfer after two months.

Hi. Thanks for the advice but I’m not really prepared to accept that no-one knows what stage the transfer is at. CF must know what actions they’ve taken. If I can get clarity on that then I can take it back to GD. I will contact CF support.
If it is stuck with GD it can’t be right that GD can simply hang on to my domain, deny transfers and hike the price of renewals. That’s akin to blackmail.
I was already annoyed by their opportunistic price hike to if is does turn out to be them I’ll be moving ~50 other tlds to CF pretty soon and will move my country domains to another provider too.

There doesn’t seem to be any transfer in the first place and Cloudflare won’t be able to start one either as the domain has expired. You can contact Cloudflare’s support but I am not sure they will be able to tell you more either.

Bottom line, right now you’ll have to renew your domain with your current registrar and only then you can transfer it somewhere else should you wish so.

If you were referring to a domain transfer on Cloudflare’s side you’ll have to contact support. The domain itself is not in any transfer status and can’t be transferred either.

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