Domain transfer from Enom to Cloudflare

Cloudflare at one time was able to list my domains that were about to expire registered with Enom and simplified transfer process. Now I see the following: “Registry Status: Client transfer prohibited” so the automated process no longer working no worries. Interesting that Cloudflare can list currently registered domains can I set these to transfer to Enom when they expire? How do I transfer domains from ENOM to Cloudflare the old fashioned way? I have 7 domains that expire in February would like to transfer those to the Cloudflare registrar please advise. Also I have over 50 other domains registered with enom I want to transfer those as well, many of those lots of life to them for 2023 but my preference to have them with Cloudflare, please advise to prepare to transfer these domains that are paid for 2023. Hope that makes sense. thanks

This status indicates that it is not possible to transfer the domain name registration, which will help prevent unauthorized transfers resulting from hijacking and/or fraud. If you do want to transfer your domain, you must first contact your registrar and request that they remove this status code.

“Registry Status: Client transfer prohibited” typically refers to the “domain lock” flag on the existing registrar- you may be able to turn this off yourself within the Enom web console. I’ve done this with other domain providers, and its usually within the advanced details when working with a specific domain - all depends how enom built their interface. If it’s not in the web console, they you will need to contact your registrar.

This reference might help:

Many thanks have to be careful doing this thanks :slight_smile:

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