Domain Transfer fee

Hi there, I’m looking to move all of my Domains over to Cloudflare from Google Domains before they end up on Squarespace.

I’ve started the process of moving over one of my .NET domains.

It says the Total transfer cost will be $11.84.

is this a Transfer fee only (where I’ll need to pay more to renew the domain for a year on top of the fee)


Does this fee include 1 year of domain registration?

If it includes 1 year of registration, is that on top of what I already have left on Google (each domain was only renewed recently so there’s quite a bit of time left on them)?


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That price includes one year, which will go on top of what you already paid for (up to a maximum of 10 years, I think).

So if you only just renewed, you will have ~2 years after the transfer.


Brilliant, thanks for that Laudian!

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