Domain Transfer Fee Not As Advertised?

I was told transferring a .com domain to your costs $8.39 + 0.18 = 8.57
I transferred and just checked my PayPal, it appears you have charged me -$9.69 USD
Why is the $1 difference… What am I missing here?

That’s 13% and will be your local sales tax.


I though online purchase has no tax?
Okay, can I use my New York address for billing? What’s the price like?
– I tried to update the new address, but couldn’t/not allowed to update — Can you help?

Applicable taxes will always be charged and the US has a sales tax too.

If you want to change your billing address you best open a new thread.

New York tax is only 4%, way better than 13% (it will make a difference when I start subscribing to your services).

change your billing address you best open a new thread
So, can I open this thread here as the way forward?

The question in this thread has been answered. The billing address is a different issue and should be covered in another thread.