Domain Transfer Failed but I was charged from my Mastercard

I was transferring one of my domain names from Namecheap to Cloudflare but the process failed at last due to reason unknown.

Cloudflare told me that I wasn’t charged but some balance has been deducted from my Mastercard.

I had $20 in my One- Time Load Virtual Mastercard in the start but recent transaction shows Cloudflare deducted $8.03 from my Mastercard and thus - I have $11.97 left in my Mastercard.

I tried to transfer the domain name to Cloudflare again - but Cloudflare is asking me to pay $8.03 again which I think is unnecessary as I already paid for the domain transfer.

I made PDF of recent transactions from which shows that Cloudflare deducted balance. I sent that PDF to Cloudflare support and also explained the situation however I haven’t received any replies for 5 days.

This may be because I am on the free plan. How can I resolve this?

If anyone from Cloudflare wants to help - My support ticket number is #1989550

I am hoping to get this issue resolved soon.
Thanks in Advance.

Only the billing team can solve this but maybe @cloonan can have a look at your ticket.