Domain transfer Enom > Cloudflare impossible bc Nameserver update required

I bought a domain last year through a third party (my work software vendor) who used Enom as Registrar. I did not renew the vendors overpriced annual website fee this year. So now my domain shows “expired” and points visitors to my competition! I have done everything required by all parties to gain control of the domain and should be the Registrant now. I have the EPP key to transfer registrar. However, there is a policy at Enom that only the original vendor can change anything including the nameserver. It would be $50 to take control/transfer within Enom just so I can transer away from them. I have no actual access to “my” domain in EnomCentral account. I can not change Nameserver and Enom will NOT do it for me, per policy with original vendor. So it seems that it will be impossible to transfer domain directly to Cloudflare?! So do I need transfer to another Registrar that does not require Nameserver updates prior to transfer?? This is ridiculous and I am caught in a Catch-22. Can I transfer to random registrar, change nameserver and then transfer again to Cloudflare? Will there be 60 day delays at each transfer?


Depends on the registrar, but probably.

Cloudflare doesn’t make it as easy as some registrars do, but you might save $0.87 a year. Getting control with /a/ registrar is really the key. At that point you can change the nameservers to Cloudflare and utilize it’s security and performance features with pretty much any other registrar.


Thanks for your quick reply. “Not as easy as some registrars” is a gross understatement. If trying to escape a third party Enom nightmare it is litterally impossible to transfer directly to Cloudflare. I use Cloudflare for Families as IPv4 & IPv6 upstream DNS servers on a pihole cluster. It is unfortunate that I can not transfer registrar and hence hosting to Cloudflare without multiple registrar transfers, additional annual renews and likely long delays with each transfer. From a Cloudflare business perspective this is dumb AF. It also makes an already difficult process, especially for those who do not do this on a daily basis, a major time wasting nightmare. And no phone support even for a Pro account? Looks like I will transfer to Google Domains for $22 and park it there.

I hope someone at Cloudflare actually reads these forums since we are effectively blocked from direct contact. Extremely disappointing experience with this registrar & nameserver nonsense. Since CF is the only registrar with this requirement, clearly it should not be necessary. Allow the domain transfer and then change the nameserver for us automatically. Duh & what the actual F?!

Why? Cloudflare does not make a single cent out of your transfer.

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They do off of the required annual renewal and the hosting though, right? Driving domains to their competition is good for their business? The process still sucks. So your point? That was rhetorical, don’t reply.

They don’t, there also is no hosting.

The point is that your argument is not applicable as there is no business perspective to begin with.

How is there no hosting? There is option for free, Pro or Enterprise accounts.

Neither of which provides hosting.

Okay whatever, you obvoiusly have to be right and have a last word. Your point is pointless and off topic. Dude find something else to do. Because nothing you said means anything, still the same issue exists and you are defending it because…?

Excuse me? It rather seems you have to be right and turn snarky and hostile when someone points out your mistaken logic.

As mentioned, there is no business perspective to begin with, so your line of argument was wrong from the start.

Anyhow, your issue was solved I understand.

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This doesn’t help.

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You referred to a business perspective, which suggests Cloudflare turns a profit from your transfer. Wrong.

Then you claimed, they at least make a profit from your renewal. Wrong as well.

You also referred to a hosting service, which is not only wrong but also non-existent.

And, lastly, you of course turned to name calling.

And I am trolling?

Yes we can end the conversation here.

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