Domain Transfer: Domain doesn't appear in transfer list

I’ve got a couple of domains that aren’t listing in the transfer list. I have transferred 100+ domains so far, but today I hit a snag where two of them were not listed. Both TLD’s seem supported since I can register other domains with the TLD and both of these domains have been in Cloudflare for a long time with the NS pointed to CF for months/years, it shouldn’t be a NS update at all.

Domains in question are:


There is no longer a list of “nontransferable” domains with their reasoning either in the transfer UI, so I’m really not sure what is going on here.

If you navigate to your home screen and list of zones in your account and select one of the two above, on the overview app for that domain select Manage domain from the right side, are you able to start the transfer from there?

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Thanks for that thought….definitely tried that a couple of times and it just takes me to the generic transfer page where you select them all.

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So I just heard back from Cloudflare Support on this and their response is the following:

“ I have checked internally with our Engineering team and it appears that this is a premium domain.

I am afraid that at this time, we do not support transfer for premium domains, our team is working to make this available, but there is no ET at this time.

Sorry for this inconvenience.”

I’ve got no idea what a “Premium Domain” is, but I’m glad there is at least an explanation.

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Premium Domains are more expensive than that TLD’s regular rate. Cloudflare only charges flat wholesale base price, so that won’t cover what that TLD’s registry charges.

Looking at those two names, that seems a bit far fetched. Most premium domains are short words, but I suppose if a registry feels like it, they can make up whatever list of “premium domain names” they want.

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Ya, I don’t understand why either are all that special. That one is like $110 at Google, which is why I wanted to transfer it.


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