Domain transfer doesn't work

Since a couple of hours I’m trying to transfer some domains (normal TLD’s like .com, .net, .info etc) but on step nr i cannot see the domain and of course i cannot sleet them, so there is no way to drive to step 2 (authorisation codes) and 3. All the domains have been already added to Cluouflare, DNS are updated etc. It seems that given that I have 60 domains the script is timing out before the list can be generated. Can someone kindly check? And yes I have tried with 3 different browsers, thanks, Giulio

Which domains is it?

for example

And that domain is not listed at, right?

yes. it is listed. and I have 40 more, all listed in my CF dashboard…

You said it wasnt listed and you couldnt select it.

Why cant you transfer it then, if it is there?

the list of domains to be selected for transfer is empty…(as well as the list of domains already on cliudflare and domain unable to transfer), thanks

If it is listed at aforementioned link, as you said, it shouldnt be empty but allow you transfer the domain.

Post a screenshot of that link.