Domain transfer confirmed, but site still doesn't load

Hi, I transferred my domain from Squarespace to Kajabi via Cloudflare. Kajabi sent me an email that the domain has been confirmed, but I am unable to load my website. I don’t know if this is the issue, but the only thing in the instructions on Kajabi I hadn’t done was “change nameservers”, which I cannot do on Squarespace since I’m denied dns access after transferring the domain. Please advise.

Hi @katheryngronauer,

Can you share the domain name so we can have a look?

Does it work for you?

I see the Kajabi site OK, what error/issue do you get when trying to view it?

The domain looks like it’s registered with Cloudflare and the nameservers correctly point here

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Great, thank you so much! I found out I hadn’t created a proper redirect, so it works on my end now as well.

No problem, glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile:

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