Domain Transfer Cancelled

I have receive this email but I have not cancel this domain can you let me know what happend

Your domain transfer for has been cancelled. Please contact Support to arrange for a refund.

The Cloudflare Registrar team"

As per the Verisign RDAP, the domain you mention is in “client transfer prohibited” status.
“status”:[“client transfer prohibited”]

Your current registrar, Namecheap, might have rejected the transfer.
Try accessing your namecheap dashboard to find why it might have been rejected, if you didn’t request it.
Cloudflare registrar should be able to restart it too (after sending them the new EPP code, if it changed And unlocking the domain again)

can they do that I had obtain the codes, and I believe the transfer was completed.
Thank you I have gotten in touch with them

The domain is unlocked and the Auth Code for the domain name.
How aver I am do not see were I can enter the auth code in cloudflaire dash

I am trying to start a support ticket for this domain but not able to uncheck the
My issue is not domain related" box

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