Domain Transfer away failed


I tried to transfer a domain registration away from CF at weekend, as the domain isn’t mine and due to personal circumstances no longer need to look after it, however after trying to push the domain away, I got an API error, and now on the portal the option to push is now gone.

I tried logging a support ticket but it isn’t letting me due to domain being on a free plan I think.

Anyone had this before? Or know how I can raise a ticket with registry support on a free plan?

If it’s a, then you probably just moved it here and it’s within the 60 day “can’t transfer again” window.

Yes, was recently transferred - wasn’t aware of a 60 day wait period, however the IPS tag has changed to the registry that I tried moving it to, but doesn’t appear in their portal, and cloudflare still says in their portal that it is still registered with them