Domain transfer and the not-so-informative "something went wrong" error

I created a new account, added a website and tried to initiate a domain transfer process.

I added PayPal as a primary payment method (billing profile is required for the transfer) but was constantly getting “Something went wrong” error message at the last stage of the process.
People with the same issue reported that using credit card instead resolved the issue so I went and added credit card as secondary (or backup as it’s called) even though my PayPal has enough balance and is linked to the same card.

It worked, but unfortunately I was billed for the 1-year auto-renewal directly through Visa, not PayPal balance and not through PayPal at all.

After finishing the transfer process, I removed my backup payment method and stayed only with PayPal then tried to extend the domain expiration date, but failed without providing reason or further information.

I know that if I re-add a credit card the process will go smoothly as it did the first time, but I wish to use PayPal balance since it’s supported for this kind of payment.

My ticket number is #3120824

I received a reply that states that Registrar transactions are not yet supported through PayPal.

Please consider making this limitation clearer through the UI with a note, preferably before the checkout process, or at least with the proper error message afterwards, as I believe many users will encounter this issue in the future.

Issue was solved via ticket.