Domain tools typical to registrars



Since CF is now a domain registrar it would be very helpful to be able to simply redirect domains. I moved all my domains here without understanding that there exists no DNS rule to redirect and page rules do not apply to non-orange passthroughs.

This is a huge bummer and I’m kind of stuck now. It would be fantastic if I could continue to use CF as my registrar and passthrough hosting provider. I’m sure 100% of domainers would consider CF with this option and maybe adding others like it such as fwd with masking.


A straight-forward way to redirect would be nice, +1.

For now, while not the most user-friendly option, you can follow this Using page rules to perform redirects to get redirects working.


There we go! I did not realize that ANY IP could work to enable a legit pass through. So for redirects we have this at least.

Two support reps were insinuating that it couldn’t be done but just received a proper reply to my ticket where Jorge explains the same:

The functionality that you are referring to is in place. You need to add an A record that points to any IP address so that the page rules work.

For example, you could set an A record to for the apex and then add a record for www that either points to your or to another arbitrary domain.

Thanks Jorge!