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I was using Cloudfare for my principle domain as part of the hosting package I had at HostPapa until I changed hosts just over a year ago.

I am trying to setup Cloudfare via my new host but there is a legacy issue in that the domain seems to be still tagged within Cloudfare.

The problem is that I can find no Cloudfare account access information for when I setup via my previous host (would have been done via cPanel).

I founded and own the business that the domain belongs to, and it has been in use by me for 16 years, so I can’t just shift to a new domain and add the new domain to my current CloudFare account as I have too much investment in the original.

Given that I own the domain is there someway, after proving ID etc. that someone in a backroom at Cloudfare can either allow me access or just locate and release the domain from wherever it is tagged?

I’m in desperate need to resolve this as my loading speed is now causing major issues, despite optimising everything else, I need to get it back onto a CDN.

Hi @steve.hooper,

You may have to set up the domain directly on Cloudflare and add it on a full setup to your current account. It is something with partner setups (where you add Cloudflare through a web host) that won’t let you add it is it is added somewhere else on Cloudflare. You would need to remove it from there, which with no account info, you probably can’t.

Thanks @domjh.

I set the nameservers on my registrar account to Cloudfare, rather than the hosting company’s NS, and it seemed to accept it.

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