Domain switch

Hi, I have two domains who’s IP needs to be inverted (IP pointing to .com domain must point to .xyz domain and therefore IP pointing to .xyz domain must then point to .com)

I wasn’t able to do this in the DNS section.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you

Why not?

Hi! Thanks for your prompt reply.

If .xyz domain points for instance to and .com domain points to, I need to invert IPs ( should point to .com and .xyz)

Could you please tell me how I can do this operation?

I presume these are just example addresses.

Why cant you simply switch them? You go to the DNS control panel and make the necessary changes and you are good to go.

What have you tried and how did it not work?

Hi, I know I have to do it from the DNS panel but there are no fields where I can change my IP.

Cloudflare only provides me with the list of records with associated domain names but without the IP that is assigned to that domain. So I don’t know how to practically change the IP.

I attach the screenshot of the Cloudflare DNS section to the request.

Please help me.

Well, you cant flip anything, as this domain does not have IP addresses in the first place but CNAMEs.

You censoring the screenshot is not exactly helpful. Post the two actual screenshots of your two domains.

In general you just need to follow Editing DNS Records however and that is something you could have easily found using the search.

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