Domain suspended please unsuspend my domain

Hello good evening team, my name is Khurram well my domain is you suspend my domain due to copyright issue please check my website is under construction so please unsuspend my domain so that I can work on my site

Considering that you are selling and advertising services which are related to Apple Computers I wouldn’t be surprised if you eventually run into such an issue and get your domain suspended for good, depending on whether Pakistan complies with international agreements.

For the time nothing got suspended however. The message you get is because of your firewall rules. Check out your firewall event log on Cloudflare and adjust the rules as necessary.

The best advice though? Change your domain to something that does not infringe other’s copyrights.

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ok i understand i delete all the copyright images so please unsuspend my domain so that i can work on it

Ehm, did you read what I wrote?

  • If you even use copyrighted images you should stop that too.
  • The domain name itself is most likely an issue. Change the domain.
  • As I already said, nothing is suspended.

oh i dont change my domain my shop in pakistan so my cutomer buy it
so what can i do ? if i change domain its very difficult to me

Again, did you read what I wrote?

And yes, if you don’t change your domain you will likely run into such issues. You are infringing Apple’s trademark.

oh ok thanks

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