Domain suspended for Phishing or malware

I have requested a review - we have cleaned up the site and changed the hosting to secure hosting

I get an error code - Internal error processing the URL. This error has been logged. (Code: 1004)


How long does it typically take to get the site reviewed?

I’m still waiting for a review
This site is cleaned
What do you recommend I do
Is the best thing to do to move away from cloudflare?

You are not required to use Cloudflare.

CF Trust and Safety receive many requests, you’ll have to be patient if you wish to continue using CF.

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How long does it typically take to do a review request?
its been 18 days…

Hi @wendy2, from the overview tab of your Cloudflare dashboard, I see one review in process for 12 days and another instance from a while ago with no review yet requested. You may want to kick off that other review process and please respond to any replies you receive from Support and/or Trust & Safety.