Domain support?


Looking into Cloudflare domains but am concerned with support. When I have an issue (infrequent) I can’t wait hours on end for support.
Once you start buying domains with Cloudflare do they have live chat or call in support? If not how is support done?


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Phone support is only available in emergencies with an Enterprise agreement. Contact methods and response times vary by plan and other factors. Complete details are outlined in this document.

Cloudflare registrar is an at-cost benefit offered exclusively for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers. Refer to the link above and set your expectations accordingly.

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Thank you for that info. This seems to be for the cloudflare services.
If you aren’t paying for the cloudflare services side but only domains how does that work, no support for the domains you buy?

From the linked page:

[emphasis added]

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Cloudflare’s services – and, yes, that includes domain lifecycle management – are really designed to be self-service. If you really need live chat or phone support, and if you don’t need any other Cloudflare services other than saving a few bucks on domain registrations, then I’ll really recommend you look elsewhere.

As the link previously shared shows, Live chat support is only available starting with the Business plan, and 24x7x365 emergency phone support is only available with the Enterprise plan.


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