Domain suddenly pending and no records available at all

Hello Cloudflare community,

Today I have noticed that my domain has gone into “Cloudflare protection for your domain is in a pending state while we verify ownership. This could take up to 24 hours to complete. Learn more about pending domains.” and none of my records or the actual site is available, Cloudflare tells me to change my nameservers to theirs even though my nameservers are set to the correct ones and have been for the past few months and it all worked fine before. Are there any ways to fix this as my site is fully down at the moment? I have ran the Cloudflare diagnostics and it all returned an error for everything even though my site was working fine for the past few months.

That’s strange. Did you have any abuse complaints that you left unhandled?

Maybe they lost the data and restored a backup from the day you signed up? Nah, I’m joking.

Did you perform a whois on your domain to be sure it’s still working (Domain Status “ok” or “clientTransferProhibited”). Whois can, in most cases, be performed here:

Is this the old s-super-s domain you’ve mentioned in this forum previously?

It looks like it was renewed a few days ago. Was it renewed in time?

Just guessing here.

its not, its the .eu domain, it was renewed a few months ago

after looking a bit closer into my domain it seems like it was put on server hold for absolutely no reason

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