Domain successfully renewed for 0 years


I added one year to a domain name, the charge went through, but the domain did not seem to renew. Tried a second time, also charged successfully, but not renewed.

I then received two emails, as per below.

Anyone experienced this before?



Domain Renewal Successful


The registration for your domain,, has successfully been extended by 0 year.

The Cloudflare Registrar team

Did you transfer the domain to Cloudflare or actually renew it?

As of right now, the domain has already expired 2.5 weeks ago, interestingly enough its status does not reflect that.

It’s best to open a support ticket to clarify the registration status as well as what that notification was supposed to mean.

The domain was already with Cloudflare. It’s only scheduled to go into redemption on 2 March, and it can still be paid for. However, while the money was taken, the domain was not extended another year.

I have submitted a ticket to billing.



So a regularly renewal then, which actually did not go through.

Yes, I am afraid only support can sort that out.

Thanks. Hopefully they will reply soon.



Hi @ herby.olschewski
Your ticket has been escalated at this time to our registrar engineering team. You can expect a response from our team as soon as they have an update.

Thanks Everyone.

The is issue is now resolved.

All domains are renewed and safe.



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