Domain & subdomain - Hosted elsewhere, DNS pointing to cloudflare


Domain successfully in Cloudflare, however the sub domain has disappeared and when I use a DNS checker to check propagation it has all x’s (Domain all green ticks).

Sites are Hosted at Hostgator (where support isn’t helpful) , I have waited since Friday (now Sunday morning) and sub domain is yet to propogate or be found.

I am just a startup - so wasn’t planning on paying for Enterprise - but is that the only way to have both the Domain & sub domain supported in Cloudflare?

As a new customer - Cloudflare support is terrible/slow/non existent, and sales are yet to even return my request to speak with them. (Not really encouraging my purchase and only persisting based on the communities comments about how good the security is for their websites)

But with lack of support I am not even sure I can set everything up correctly - it seems the security of your website is only as good as the person using Cloudflare, not the product itself.

Hoping someone can assist.

My sub domain is the members portal, and the root domain the main sales/marketing page/funnel, hence why they are separated. I was hoping to bring them both over but now (since friday) my sub domain “is not found”

Thanks in advance for any help or pointing me in the right direction


Ignore this - I did ask it to be removed because I figured it out myself. But a week later here it is.

Still yet to get one answer to my support questions or sales questions for that matter - yes I could pay and then get support but as a brand new customer do i feel like paying when not one person has contacted me back in 2 weeks

unfortunately this is a forum, that is, we don’t get anything to answer, that is, we have no obligation to help even more without understanding the subject well, but I recommend waiting or paying to have support since we are not paid and not official of the platform, that is, no we have access to nothing.

Thanks for your reply

However: I didn’t say this forum was support. I asked for the post to be removed when it was still being hidden, then when it published (despite that request) I let the community know to ignore it because its already resolved.

On a side note my comment re support was a statement of fact. My experience of Cloudflare “actual” support is non existent they haven’t replied to my request for support ever. Any newbies like me may find that awful, frustrating but interesting.

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