Domain sub-pages 404'ing without www

Hi all,

This is a long shot, but I am at a loss with my DNS provider & hosting provider for our charity website:

Apparently, it has Cloudflare CDN/Proxy enabled, but we do not know which Cloudflare account is managing this, we as a charity do not have the login and the web-hosts do not either.

We have full DNS access through our Registrar (123-Reg), I could move the NS over to Cloudflare if required, but would prefer to leave it in 123-Reg as we have 50+ records on the domain and do not wish for any further errors arising from the move.

The main issue for us is that none www. sub-pages (e.g. are no longer redirecting to the www version, this did work before and I wonder if it’s because of Cloudflare Page Rules being deprecated, and the account holder for this (whoever that may be) not setting up the new sub-page forwarding rules.

If there is a DNS entry, which may be a remnant from before our current web hosts, which points to Cloudflare Proxy, I could remove that if it’s identified.

Otherwise, any help to resolve this or track down the issue, would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Your domain isn’t in a Cloudflare account…

www is pointing to something else that is using Cloudflare. seems to come up for a lot of charities. It may the The Access Group from what I find on this page…

The Apex domain isn’t using Cloudflare at all. (Page Rules aren’t deprecated yet, and even if they were, your site isn’t using Cloudflare for the apex domain so they wouldn’t do anything anyway). The IP addresses point to Amazon AWS.

You also have a wildcard DNS entry - that’s pointing to an IP address belonging to yet another provider (may be UK Webhosting Limited).

Things are really a bit all over the place! Some of these may not even be your direct host, just hosting others.


Thank you for your help,

Our web hosting provider is The Access Group, they bought out Raising IT ( a while ago, hence the link to that domain. Contacting them, that record ( should be the only www CNAME needed for our site to work correctly.

I have removed the wildcard, as this looked to be from a long while ago with a now ceased trading company.

Ultimately, the hosting provider is stating that it should be the DNS provider and the DNS provider are stating it should be the hosting provider for translating none www sub-pages to www sub-pages and I am just stuck in the middle.

I appreciate the help you have given.

Redirects from non-www to a www hostname was usually done on the host. Many DNS providers will also provide a way of doing it (not in DNS, that can’t redirect, but as a side service). Godaddy does offer that so you should be able to do it there, although why your host would refuse to do this is a little odd.

[edit] Sorry, you’re actually using 123-reg (now a Godaddy company), I can’t remember if they also can do a redirect for you.


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