Domain stuck pointing to Cloudflare IPs

I’m about at my wit’s end with Cloudflare. I’ve confirmed over and over that the IP in the DNS section of the dashboard is the correct public IP of my server, or more accurately my network. When I ping any of the subdomains or the domain itself I get IP addresses owned by Cloudflare instead of the IP set for those subdomains. At first I thought it was just changes propogating over DNS but after a day there was no change. I submitted a ticket a week ago and today it was closed and marked as resolved without receiving a single response to my ticket. What in the world is going on?

Cloudflare is a proxy server. It puts an intermediary server between your visitors and your origin server, so it protects and optimizes requests to your server.

Is something not working?


If your intention is to only use DNS and not Cloudflare CDN, then you can grey-cloud the DNS records and they will resolve to their original IP’s.


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