Domain stuck in transfer

I initiated a domain transfer to Cloudflare, but forgot to remove the lock at my current registrar.
After removing the lock, I got an email from Cloudflare that the transfer is underway. So far, so good.

After five days the transfer hadn’t completed and I tried to cancel the transfer to try again. That doesn’t work. I’m unable to cancel the the transfer. It’s stuck in “Transfer in progress”.

What can I do to cancel or to help complete the transfer?

The domain name is:

Thanks you.
Regards, Marco

Many registrars will take the maximum amount of time allowed to transfer your domain. I looked up your domain and the registrar is PDR, but it’s likely you’re using a reseller. The maximum amount of time for a .com transfer is 6-7 days. So, it’s likely your transfer will complete in the next day or so.

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