Domain stuck in pending over 24 hours

I’ve setup our domain to Cloudflare but its been in pending for over 24 hours now. I’ve checked all the recommended settings and used all the commands suggested on the internet forums to check that the name servers are right and resolving properly. Everything seems to be working. DNS is resolving but domain in account still says pending.

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I see that as well, but in your audit log I see the zone (domain) was deleted from your account on 8 August (Time stamp - Date: 2023-08-08T08:49:08-07:00).

I know the zone is showing in your account as as pending, but can you see what happens if you select Add a site and attempt to add the zone (site) back?

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I did what you said and it seems to have worked. But now I have two domains in my account one that is active and one that is pending. Can I delete the pending one without causing more issues.

I didn’t think to re-add it as I didn’t want to mess with anything further. Thanks

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ha, I understand that exactly (I thought a couple of time before offering that advice as it did not seem to make sense to me either!). I’ve \ never seen an instance like that before and suspect there was a dash update timing issue at play.

Yes, you can remove the inactive one


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