Domain Stuck in Pending Nameservers


I have looked at this topic but could not find a solution to my specific circumstances. I have changed the nameservers in 123reg and they have propagated and can be seen on Whois. Whois record shows:


But the nameservers on cloudflare are still showing 123-reg. The DNS records are correct, A record and mx.

Not sure what I am missing. Any input will be most appreciated. Been like this for over a week now.

What’s the domain? And can you post a screenshot of the instructions on Cloudflare telling you to change your name servers?

The domain is

I’ve Had This Problem Before, Lasted So Long That I Removed My Domain.

Seems to be a DNSSEC issue

Remove DNSSEC everything (registrar and Cloudflare), wait until it verifies, and set up DNSSEC from scratch.


Thanks i’ll give that a go and fingers crossed that will do the trick.Will keep you posted.

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