Domain stuck in pending name server update after delete and re-add

I inavertently deleted the domain from Cloudflare via Virtualmin, when I added it back in, the Cloudflare nameservers changed from destiny & dexter to raphael & yahoo ( and now it appears stuck as “Not Active in cloudflare yet”, pending update of name servers at my registrar, which is Cloudflare. Anyone got any idea of how to fix this? Cloudflare won’t let me delete the domain again while it is in this pending state.

I raised a ticket for this, but that just seems to be going round in circles: #3130100

I see your ticket have have escalated it for my Registrar colleagues

It looks like the ticket type is DNS and was not routed to the Registrar team. I’ll keep an eye out on progress.

Many thanks.

hi Cloonan, do you have any update on this?

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You may need to wait a little longer. It is a weekend. You should hear back from someone both here and on the ticket when it is being worked.

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cheers… what happened to the 24/7 world? :rofl: :rofl:


Where did you see that 24x7 support?

24/7 email & phone support is actually available – you just have to be an Enterprise customer.

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“24/7 world” GeorgeAppiah… I’m a CF freeloader so I have realistic expectations :+1:

I’m great full for any help I get.

Many thanks to everyone who is looking at this for me :+1: :heart_eyes:


Hey there @stephenjmason.

Thanks for your patience on this, Christine one of our Billing/Registrar specialists has escalated this to have the Nameserver requirement for the domain updated.

Please feel free to reach out on the ticket if you do have any continuing questions - as myself and Christine will be more than happy to help :slight_smile:


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