Domain stuck in pending after 24 hours trying to use CF DNS

What is the name of the domain?

What is the error number?

not provided

What is the error message? is pending

What is the issue you’re encountering

After 36 hours my domain name is still “pending” instead of being managed by CF nameservers

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

My .ca domain is registered with (I’m a google domains refugee) and I wanted to set up dynamic DNS which canspace does not provide. So I’m trying to use CF. I updated the nameservers to my assigned nameservers

and left it for almost 48 hours, and it’s still in “Pending”.

I assume this is caused by DNSSEC, but I can’t find any way to administer DNSSEC on my domain to disable it, or even add the records described by the guides here at CF. I’ve temporarily returned my nameservers to CanSpace so I can use their records dashboard to try to figure out how to manage DNSSEC, but I’m not getting anywhere.

I’m comfy with API stuff, but the details of DNSSEC is new to me.

What feature, service or problem is this related to?

DNS records

You are right, this is a DNSSEC issue, but that’s something only your registrar can fix. Contact them and tell them to disable DNSSEC, if you don’t have the option.


Either they responded to the support ticket in under a minute or poking random options in CF and CanSpace healed it. Makes no sense, I didn’t change anything substantial (just deleted the mail records and switched to no-email on CF and swapped the Registrar Lock back and forth a bunch of tiems (it was already off!)) and now somehow I’m online.

hooray also wtf

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If your registrar does not work for you, you can transfer to another registrar, but as long as the domain is not properly configured, it won’t validate for Cloudflare.

No I mean somehow I got the “active” 13 minutes ago.

Maybe it was the rapid transition from Google to Squarespace to Canspace that messed it up, I don’t know. Either way it looks like I’m “Active” now.

DNSSEC still does not work.

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