Domain Stuck in MOVED status

I recently initiated a move of from godaddy to Cloudflare. Prior to the transfer, the nameservers were previously set to Cloudflare nameservers as required. Sometime between the initiation of the move from godaddy and the completion of the transfer (typucally takes 2-5 days), someone at our company updated the godaddy name servers to something outside of Cloudflare. Now, the domain is at Cloudflare, with these invalid name servers but Cloudflare does not provide an interface to change them back to Cloudflare. suggestions?

Hi @jeff27,

The nameservers should automatically be set to Cloudflare’s on transfer.

Looking at the domain you provided, it currently points to and, are these not the nameservers showing in the dash? If you look at the overview page it should tell you what it wants the nameservers to be if they are incorrect at the moment.

Looks like it auto-corrected the name servers. All is well. Thanks for your help and great service.

Good, glad it’s working now :slight_smile: No problem!

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