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I can’t add new to Cloudflare. I was set DNS correctly. Please tell me how to fix it.

Do you have active and valid nameservers for your domain and does it resolve to the DNS, or rather none?

Furthermore, does it mean you have set Cloudflare nameservers already before adding the domain to your Cloudflare account? (as for example if you know them while having other domains under the same Cloudflare account)

You could try to move to a different DNS provider prior to adding your domain name to Cloudflare.

May I suggest below article:

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Yes. I bought a trial with a and it was very easy. With the same supplier. I have also installed cloudflare nameservers like other domains before but still cannot add sites to cloudflare.

You need to wait for Cloudflare’s instructions before you change your name servers.

If you need more specific guidance, please post your actual domain name.

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i bought domain name, installed and waited 10 days already. After trying and still failing, I asked for help.

Those two domains are already using Cloudflare name servers. If they are not active on Cloudflare, do not use those name servers.

Does Dynadot have DNS you can use before you switch to Cloudflare?

No. When buying a domain in dynadot, only dynadot parking appears. Then I switched back to Name Server. I also asked Dynadot and they said it’s not their fault. Cloudflarer’s installed name server.

Yeah, you’re not supposed to do that.

You should have left it that way. Can you put it back to the parking page setup?

ok. I put it back to parking now.

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What should I do next to fix this?

What is the error that cloudflare give you when you try to add your domain to cloudflare?

Your WHOIS still points to Cloudflare name servers. You need to set them back to what Dynadot uses for parked domains.

Thank you so much for your support. I used my domain name.

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