Domain stop resolving without any configuration change

We have a domain registered in GoDaddy and configured with Cloudflare nameservers. Today, around 15:17 UTC we start receiving alerts related to our domain dns not resolving.
The domain is and we haven’t change any configuration.
What can be causing this issue?

According to the domain registry, your domain registration expired and it was deleted today.

Domain name:

Registrar:, LLC

2155 E GoDaddy Way
US-85284 Tempe AZ
United States

Transition period since 21.09.2022, see

Thank you for the information but in the GoDaddy dashboard were we have the domain registered it is not expired and in their whois service it says that the expiration date is in 2022-10-15

GoDaddy is your registrar. Switch ( is the .ch Registry. Registry trumps registrar. The .ch registry has authoritatively declared that your domain does not exist. Until they update that information, your domain does not exist. If you haven’t already engaged with GoDaddy, it would be a good time to share this information with them, and see what steps they are taking to remedy the situation.

I already contacted GoDaddy. The first time they didn’t found any issue and said the problem must be with Cloudflare. The second time I talked about switch ( and response was: “Why are you telling me to see expire information in other website? The domain is registered in GoDaddy so the information in the GoDaddy whois is what matters and we see from our side that your domain is not expired”. After this we renewed the domain in the GoDaddy dashboard and the domain suddenly disappeared from the dashboard. I called GoDaddy a third time and they realize that there are an internal issue with the domain but didn’t give more information, just that they handed over the topic to a technical team and that it could take 72 hours. Unbelievable…

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Seems to me like it’s working at least from my end. Can you confirm?
However, is it paused or unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) at CF dashboard or? I get the origin IP instead the Cloudflare one.

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Yes, after talking directly switch the domain was unlocked and now everything is working

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