Domain stolen from my account even though Cloudflare is 2fa

My domain name was transferred to another account without any notification to me and my account is 2fa active

Your domain name isn’t with Cloudflare Registrar, so I assume you mean it has been added to another Cloudflare account?

If so, to do that someone would have to have access to your registrar account to change the nameservers, this would not have been done through your Cloudflare account.

It seems the nameservers at your registrar were changed yesterday…
( hasn’t picked up the change yet, so it has only just happened).

Check that your account with the registrar is secure. To make the domain active in your account again, set the nameservers at your registrar back to the Cloudflare pair they were before (as shown at the bottom of your Cloudflare DNS page).

If the domain was with Cloudflare Registrar, then it has been transferred to another registrar. If that was the case, then with 2FA enabled it shouldn’t be possible. [add] I don’t think this is the case here as the domain seems to have been with Tucows for some time.


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