Domain still connecting to CF DNS caching/routing

Hello everyone. I recently rebuilt my website. A couple of days ago I updated the A records on my domain and pointed it to my new host Kinsta. After more than 48 hours the site appears to be still being served by CF caching/routing (the old site is being served instead of the new one).

Kinsta support also confirmed this and recommended that I email CF, but I still have not heard from them.

Basically, I don’t have access to the CF account connected with the domain in the past because it was managed by another dev I no longer have contact with.

So a couple of questions I hope to get answers from the community are as follows:

  1. How can I remove my domain from CF DNS zone which I don’t have access?
  2. If I have to wait for the CF cache to expire, how long should I have to wait?

Thanks to all those who help and maintain this community.

Give “Liberate The Hostname” a try:


Works like magic. Thank you.


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