Domain status: “Transfer in Progress” but no request sent to current registrar

While some of my domains (supported TLDs) can’t get transferred (“Please retry transferring this domain. You have not been charged.” – Cloudflare aware of this issue and working on it), there are other domains whose transfer was started but never executed.

After 15 days I canceled these transfers and restarted them again yesterday. Today I contacted my current registrar and they told me the following:

“I cannot see that we have received any transfer request communications for these names since they were unlocked for transfer on December 3rd.

I would advise asking the new registrar to investigate these transfer requests to ensure they are being sent.”

In the past, I received “transfer away request”-emails from them within minutes. I added this information to my existing Cloudflare ticket (Nr. 1608137, about the topic of my first sentence). Laurie from Billing Engineering Team replied with the following:

“We are not seeing this as an issue that is occurring with other accounts, please allow for some time for these to process as they are showing as in progress within your account at this time.”

I don’t think that waiting will bring up a solution to this. Would it be possible that someone of the registrar team is looking into this @SamRhea?

My question to the community: Has anyone experienced the same? Domains with status “in progress” but not transferred?

Hey David - thanks for flagging it, but sorry to hear you’re experiencing that. Couple things I think might help:

  1. Do you have Privacy Protection or WHOIS Guard enabled on these? In some cases, with those enabled the losing registrar will outright ignore the transfer request. Might not be the issue here, but one thing to check.

  2. When did you last restart these transfers? It’s possible that first request to the registry failed 15 days ago, but this one would be a separate attempt. Registrars actually never communicate directly - we send the request to the registry, who validates the code, and passes the request to the old registrar. If you restarted it today, we can keep an eye on it and see if the registry picks it up.


Hi Sam,

Thank a lot for your direct answer. I had deactivated the Whois-Guard and all domains are unlocked. In the meantime, it’s been 2 days since I started the transfer.

Today I received the email “Action needed on your transfer to Cloudflare Registrar”. “The transfer of your domain to Cloudflare Registrar was not completed…”. Unfortunately, I can’t assign this email to an exact domain. All still show “Status: Pending release from previous registrar”.

It’s funny that at my first attempt (on December 3rd) one domain was transferred directly without any issue, while the others ended in this loop.

Could you try one thing - could you Cancel and Retry one of the two that has been stuck?

Registrars have up to five days, but it seems like your losing registrar is not receiving the request from the registry for these.

Initially, I started with 30 domains. 23 failed directly (also on later attempts), 6 always get stuck and 1 was transferred successfully. Now I just restarted 2, one domain that formerly failed directly and one that did stuck before.
For the one that formerly failed directly, the good news, I could start the transfer. The bad news, 2 minutes later I received an email stating: “domain transfer for … has been canceled, and you have been refunded one domain Credit”
The strange thing, in my account it states pending release and the most important, the request reached my current registrar. Probably its just an email sent by error.
For the domain that formerly did stuck, the request didn’t reach my current registrar so far. (While the request for the other domain went straight trough)

Hi, I too am having this exact probem… while I am not trying to transfer 30… I am trying to transfer 5.

Out of 5, 3 failed immediately after payment.

Out of 2 that seemingly worked, 1 had made me re-enter the EPP code, and upon re-entering, I immediately got the notification from my current registrar for me to approve it.

The other which seemingly had no issues, nothing ever reached the registrar.

What’s worst for me is that, the error “Please retry transferring this domain. You have not been charged.” I actually in fact did get charged for all of them, and no refund in sight.

So now I have 3 domains in the “Domain Registration” section asking me if I want to transfer like nothing has ever happened. I don’t want to try again and then get charged yet again.