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I currently have a hosted service with Jaguarpc One of my hosted domain’s contacted me today describing how his domain was not showing correctly if you used the address wwwxxxxxxxx to access it. But but if you use just the domain name was working correctly. After contacting my hosting provider’s support they traced my issue to the ssl for Domainname is directed thru my hosting provider but my SSL for the www address is being handled by Cloudflare. This domain was never signed up for Cloudflare and I need to remove the domain from Cloudflare so it will again work properly. How can I go about this??? Jaguar’s support could not provide me with a means to stop the SSL for the www part so they told me to contact Cloudflare support. I have tried to contact them but since I do not have a paying account they told me to post to the Community.
I really need to get this handled but I know of no way to do this…
Sorry if this is worded funny it wont let me post the links…

Thank You…

Hello there,

Its quite ironic here. Without the Cloudflare account, how can that be? What’s the domain?

it is only if you add the www part that is being covered by Cloudflare.
My thinking of how this might have happened is I have been with this hosting provider for 22 years. maybe 10-15 years ago they offered Cloudflare protection to their service. I am thinking it might have gotten signed up then but my provider has no record of that. Their support people didn’t even know they had offered that it has been so long ago. that is the only way I can think this happened. I’m baffled and just not sure how to remove it.

remove the – in the link…

I checked it. Here’s the overview:


The site is working well without any error code.
Its not pointed to Cloudflare.
The Server supports TLS 1.3
SSL is not issued by the Cloudflare.
It works on https as well as www

I think you might have been mistaken with the information of being connected to Cloudflare. Well, that’s not!

I was told by my hosting providers support team that Cloudflare held the ssl for the www part of my domain. I guess they were wrong. It seems everything is now back working so I will let this close…

Thank you for your answers…


Thanks for the update.

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