Domain shutdown

hello, i have been facing some problems with my domain, its just not working, i have make the reinstall of cloudflared in my CMD, but just doesn’t work. Here’s an image

Thanks for the help

That does not seem to be a registered domain.


You do seem to have added the domain to Cloudflare, but that won’t do anything of course without a registration.

Whois Data States that the Domain is not registered. But the Historical Data Shows that it was seen active in the Past. To be exact, even Today…

Definitly strange. Did you forget to Renew it maybe?


So it definitly was registered in the Past when there are past NS Records for the Domain

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It might be listed as active because the OP added it to Cloudflare, but currently it’s not registered. If Cloudflare was the registrar it is best to open a registrar ticket.

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