Domain shows up as moved but instruction page for fixing it doesn't display when NS cloudflare but not account DNS

I recently set the nameservers of one domain on another account to a different pair of Cloudflare nameservers
Usually the instructions change the namservers are shown in the overview

For this particular domain, since the nameservers are on Cloudflare’s network, they seem to recursivly respond with the right nameservers but do not have the right ones set on the WHOIS
Thus Cloudflare shows the moved icon, yet does not show the instructions to change the nameservers
screenshot nameservers recursive resolution

The instructions should be shown in this case as well

I’m seeing Cloudflare name servers dig and a third set of Cloudflare nameserves on security trails,

And, dig & whois shows your custom name servers

$ dig ns +short

Do you know the names of the name servers that are assigned to your Cloudflare account? You should take those to your domain registrar and have them change from the current to those two that are assigned to your account.

The only time Cloudflare would change name servers would be if the domain registration is with Cloudflare. That is not the case here.

That’s not related to that domain

It was about a generic issue, that did apply to possibly other domains as well

Basically when one domain has cloudflare nameservers, but not the one assigned for that user, but instead a different pair, the message to change them would be missing