Domain shows "This site can’t provide a secure connection"

Hi, my site shows " This site can’t provide a secure connection". Screenshot attached. The subdomain was still working few days ago.


Do you have Advanced Certificate Manager? It’s a $10/month add-on.

If not, that subdomain is two levels deep and not covered by Universal SSL.

@KianNH hi, thanks for the info. Do you mean Universal SSL not covering two levels deep subdomain all the while? My two levels subdomain was still working few days ago. I’m not sure on how to check whether my account have purchased the Advance Certificate Manager before.

Yes, Universal SSL does not cover two-level subdomains, never has as far as I know

Did you possibly have the traffic to that subdomain unproxied before? Unproxied traffic to a multi-level subdomain works fine as long as you have a valid certificate for it on your origin server, which can be easily accomplished with LetsEncrypt.

But if you want to proxy the traffic through Cloudflare you’d either have to use an advanced certificate or collapse the name to something like “” so that it’s only a single subdomain level deep

@KianNH thanks for the info. I’m not sure whether my account did purchase the Advance Certificate Manager before, as I just started to use Cloudflare. Is it possible to check on the previous subscription history or something ?

It would appear in this section

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