Domain shows the old website after enabling proxy

I am changing a DNS record for a subdomain.
First, I updated the DNS record and enabled proxy (orange cloud). I checked the new record of the subdomain on It told me that the new record was updated on all DNS servers. However, when I browsed my website with my browser and, it was still showing the old version.
Then, I disabled the proxy (gray cloud). The website shown the new version.
When I enabled the proxy again, the website shown the old version.
I have tried purging cache on Cloudflare, but the problem still exists. I don’t want to disable the proxy as I need the security features. What should I do? Thanks.

Without knowing the domain, and what it should look like, we can’t advise.

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Sorry. I forgot to tell you my website url.
The old dns record is I have updated the dns record to and enabled proxy. I have checked that the dns record has been changed on However, it is still showing gitbook in my browser and kproxy.

That certainly looks like :orange: record is coming from Gitbook.

Are you running any type of Workers on that subdomain?


Yes. I am running a worker. The route is *

The next steps I’d recommend would be “Development Mode” from the Overview tab, and/or disabling any Workers.

If neither of those can get the right site to show up, you may have to open a support ticket so they can trace the connection.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.


Thanks. I am waiting for the reply from the staff.

Can you post the ticket # here? It tends to draw more attention to the problem. And please let us know what the issue turns out to be.

The ticket id is #2073217

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I have added a page rule that redirects the subdomain. However, it is not even working: It is proxied so Cloudflare should redirect the url.
I have also checked that all subdomains except this one are working correctly.

That’s why this is so confounding. When unproxied, it shows correct content.

When Proxied, it misbehaves. Hopefully Support can figure out why.

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